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 Welcome to the Cley Hill Churches, a benefice of 2 parishes made up of 6 churches situated  close to the ancient Hill Fort of Cley Hill and the town of Warminster in West Wiltshire . On our  journey of faith we are learning together what it means to serve our communities and to live out God’s call for us to ‘love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and all your strength and to love your neighbour as yourself. ‘ It’s an exciting, challenging journey and we would love you to come and see what it’s all about. Whoever you are, and for whatever reason you are reading these words, may God bless you, surround you with his love, and bring you peace.

Revd Pauline Reid  Rector and Rural Dean  

The churches of the Cley Hill Benefice take their responsibilities surrounding the safeguarding of children, young people, and adults who may be at risk very seriously, and works in partnership with the Diocese of Salisbury to ensure that we work in accordance with best practice at all times.

Our Parish Safeguarding Policies can be downloaded here

If you have any Safeguarding questions or concerns you can contact our Parish Safeguarding Officer, Revd Pauline Reid on 01985 841290 or click here to email.

Alternatively you can contact the Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser, on 07500 664800 or email.

FUTURE SERVICES Details of our future services are shown below. If you would like extra details of these services or dates of meetings and special events, please go to either the service details page or the calendar page.

Pauline's February Newsletter
Dear Friends,

I don’t know about your garden but mine is a quagmire, particularly the chicken run. We’ve got 7 chickens and they have a really big area of the garden to live in but the grass doesn’t stand a chance against the torrential and persistent rain we are experiencing this winter. Mud rules in the chicken run, and it takes a good deal of effort to actually stay upright when collecting the eggs. But the chickens don’t seem to mind and still come charging up to the fence when we appear in the garden hopeful that there will be a treat or two on offer.

Despite the rain there are signs of better things in the natural world; defying the miserable winter weather bulbs can be seen thrusting through the cold wet soil and those magical white jewels we call snowdrops have miraculously appeared; they are such a sign of hope are they not.

In the life of the church later this month we start our journey towards the hope of Easter day with Ash Wednesday on February 26th. The will be a Eucharist with ashing at 10.30am at Longbridge Deverill, and Chapmanslade . There is something very profound and moving about receiving the sign of the cross on one’s forehead in ash, a reminder of our frail human nature and our mortality. Traditionally Lent is a time of reflection and commitment to prayer in preparation for Easter. Prayer doesn’t have to be in church, it doesn’t have to involve words at all...

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