December Newsletter

Dear All,


I am writing on a dark, rainy day; the chickens are huddled forlornly under their shelter and even an excursion to the garage demanded waterproofs to be worn. As we approach the winter solstice the days will get progressively darker and probably colder. I know some people find this winter darkness very difficult to live with, but I actually love it. There is something mysterious about the deep darkness of winter which encourages a turning inward, it is a time for reflection and pondering on the year that is ebbing away. As T.S Elliot writes: ‘Between melting and freezing /The soul’s sap quivers’

There is not much pondering going on in my life at the moment as I prepare for Christmas in church, and try to get ahead with the baking etc. Last year for the first time I bought a Christmas Cake; there were howls of outrage at this dereliction of duty. Needless to say, a Christmas cake is now sitting in the pantry being regularly fed with brandy. We love our traditions don’t we, all of us have deeply held ideas about what should happen at Christmas. Rest assured we have lots of traditional events happening in church in December.

The first event is the From Darkness to Light service at Longbridge Deverill on Sunday 4th December at 4.00 pm. It is a few years since we have held this so if you haven’t been before do come along, it is a lovely service and we will be serving wine and mince pies afterwards.

Our Christingle service takes place on Monday 5th December 2.00 pm at Longbridge when Crockerton School will be joining us. Everyone is very welcome, but if you have a little one who would like a Christingle, please email me so I can make sure we have enough made.

The Outdoor Carol Service next to The George will be on Sunday 11th December at 6.00 pm, the pub will be very generously providing hot chocolate and mince pies.

Our traditional Carol Service will be at 6.00 pm on Sunday 18th December at Kingston Deverill church, but arrive early it is usually stuffed to the gills.

Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve will take place at Kingston at 11.30 pm.

Christmas Day is a Sunday this year, there will be a Eucharist at 9.30 am at Kingston and a Eucharist at 11.15 am at Horningsham and Christmas Family Worship at 11.15 am at Longbridge - this is a short Christmas service where children and adults are welcome to dress up as part of the Christmas story, and if you want to come in your pyjamas that is absolutely fine too!

So, lots going on to enjoy. We are so lucky to live as we do, I don’t need to point out for some families this Christmas will be very, very difficult as people struggle with horrendous household bills and expensive food. At the heart of Christmas is love given and shared, let us do all we can to share something of the good things we enjoy this Christmas. May you enjoy a happy and peaceful Christmas,

With love and prayers,