Church at Home


In order to minimise the spread of Coronavirus and thus to protect us, our society and the capacity of the NHS, and following the guidance of our Archbishop and Bishops, sadly our churches are totally closed, even for private prayer.

The Archbishop has called us to be a Church at Prayer.  It is both a privilege and responsibility for us, as God’s people here, to respond to that call.

The suggested Prayer Diary below is offered as a guide, and as an opportunity for us to be united as a Parish each day in our prayers.

Monday     For all who work in the NHS and social care

Let us give thanks for their commitment, care and courage and pray for their protection and wellbeing, for resilience and for wisdom in all the tough decisions that must be made. May those involved in medical research find a vaccine soon.

Tuesday     For all teachers, lecturers, pupils and home schooling parents

Let us pray for those now learning on line, teaching on line, those teaching key workers children, and for all who are home schooling their children, remembering in particular those for whom this is particularly challenging as they lack space, educational and online resources. 

Wednesday  For all who are isolated and vulnerable

Let us pray for those for whom this time of self-isolation and social distancing is particularly hard, for those who are unwell, lonely, anxious, those living in cramped homes, in violent or abusive relationships, those who are recently bereaved.

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