St Margarets Corsley

St Margaret's Corsley

The Parish Church of St Margaret of Antioch has been a site of worship since the 12th century and was originally dedicated to St.James. It is the largest of the three churches in the parish, the present church dates from the 1830s. Before the pandemic it enjoyed a regular congregation of between thirty to fifty for Sunday worship and the church has often been full for the larger services, weddings and funerals. The first and the third services of the month are held at St Margaret’s, with the third service usually being a BCP Matins. With bell ringers, a choir on the first Sunday and a superb organist, each service is a musical delight. Over the last forty years Corsley Festival Choir has held concerts in the church twice a year, sadly the choir has now disbanded. The church is always full of wonderful flower arrangements and in normal times we enjoy refreshments together after each service. It is hoped that the ‘Litebites’ lunch with delicious homemade soups, hosted by the church and community at the Reading Rooms, will resume as soon as restrictions are lifted. We are presently in a Churchwarden vacancy – please direct enquiries to Revd Gay Maynard in the meantime.